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800-961-1963-How to Change And Access Microsoft Outlook’s Default Font and Templates Remotely

800-961-1963-How to Change And Access Microsoft Outlook’s Default Font and Templates Remotely

1. Accessing Microsoft Outlook Remotely

Being a professional, you would always prefer to ensure everything is neat and tidy before you leave for the vacation. And in this course, your Outlook email application makes a difference by allowing you to check messages and responding the same immediately from anywhere, anytime.

Outlook Web Access is an advanced email application to check the messages in your mailbox – which is positioned on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer wherein your messages are delivered. And it takes you to your email message from anywhere you can use the internet easily. Read more at http://microsoftoutlooksupportnumber.weebly.com/blog/800-961-1963-accessing-microsoft-outlook-remotely

2. How to Change Outlook's Default Font

Microsoft Outlook does have default settings that allow you to personalize the email application in the way you prefer. If we compare the application with other ones, Outlook appears to be more flexible and modifiable email client. Even after much control over the way how Outlook appears, several users still look for more control – particularly, they want to change Outlook’s default font size. Read more at http://microsoft-outlook-support-us.blogspot.com/2016/04/800-961-1963-how-to-change-outlooks.html

In Outlook, the default font which is used when you compose, respond to, or forward an email message is 11-point Calibri. If you don’t like the default font size and colors in Outlook, you can easily change it by following some methods mentioned below:

Change the default font style for new email you want to send recipients:

  • Go to the File tab.
  • Hit on Options.
  • Click Mail.
  • Go to the Stationery and Fonts under the Compose messages.
  • Click on the Personal Stationery tab, and go to Font.
  • On the Font tab, under Font, select the font what you wish to make for all new email messages.
  • Click OK on the Font, and thus you have now changed the font size

3. Easy Access to Create Templates in Outlook

Outlook email client application comes with some interesting apps and features that advance its functionality. Outlook Web Access application an efficient and fully functional email client application that does the best when you are on the go. People with different requirements can optimize the email app in accordance with their requirements – “My Templates” is one among those features that bring in uniqueness in the email application.

But the problem is, unlike Outlook, that it is incapable of creating pre-set templates for sending out responses to the right people.

Outlook allows you to create drafts of dissimilar email messages with the help of a pre-set template – just click one button, and you can send the messages to the right recipients without wasting your time. Read more at http://outlookhelp.support/learn-how-to-create-outlook-web-access-template/

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