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Easy Tips to Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Issues

Easy Tips to Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Issues

When Microsoft Outlook falls away, efficiency and important business communications take a deep dive and cause severe obstructions in a business operation. Though the email application is continuously being updated with new and enhanced features, however, some common issues do never fade away due to one or another reason. These troubleshooting methods, mentioned below, will provide you with some insight information to help you fix the issues quickly.

If some common issues are to be pointed out briefly, here come these problems that you may come across. The issues, pointed out below, have been identified in MS Outlook 2013 which is largely used with Office 365. As Microsoft outlook 2013 support at Microsoft support center is accessible, but it’s worthwhile only when you are subscribed to free support services:

  • Outlook stops responding
  • Can't receive emails
  • Outlook keeps asking for my password
  • Shared mailboxes or shared calendars don't work
  • Outlook keeps saying "Trying to connect..." or "Disconnected"

With email client for Microsoft Outlook and applicable techniques, these issues appear to be insignificant unless you have selected a certified technician. Despite official Outlook support center at Microsoft, third-party helpdesk centers have made a difference by offering accurate solutions in a real time.

And if you are using Outlook 2007 and 2010, the issues may be quite some unusual, although the support methods are almost similar for the email applications. Here are four different issues identified in Outlook 2010 and 2007 editions:

Outlook runs slowly:

It is probably the most common issue that every user comes across. Over the period, some of the key features like emails, notes, calendar entries, attachments, and other keep on mounting up the file size in the Outlook PST, creating an outsized file size, and it consumes much more space unnecessarily.

Solution: First and the foremost thing, you need to apply is to delete any or everything that is inflating the size of .pst files. Locate the folders that include bigger than 10 kb files in Outlook email application and remove unnecessary email messages that you don’t need.

In case of any technical hurdle while removing unnecessary files and messages, you should immediately access to a reliable technician who can offer you an unfailing Microsoft outlook 2007 support without any additional problems.

Outlook crashes all of a sudden:

Crashing issue with Outlook is wide-spread. No matter which edition you are using, you may find your email program crashing all of a sudden while working with the application. On the other side, some Mac users have also reported the same issue with Outlook while working with the email application. But the methods to fix Outlook for Mac get a different route, depending on the edition of Mac operating system.

A certified software for Microsoft Outlook Mac Support is all about helping the users with contemporary methods to get the issues resolved instantly. Select a reliable support technician fix the issues identified in Outlook for Mac.

Solution: To resolve the issue as soon as possible, you should first of all check if the add-ins is causing your email application to crash unexpectedly. On the other hand, you can also start the application in a safe mode so as to check if it runs perfectly in the safe mode.

Spam emails are being sent out to your contact:

Sometimes, you happen to know that your contacts have received a spam email message from your account without your consent. It might be embarrassing for you, if some of your business contacts have got the message.

Solution: The issue may be caused by some malicious programs in your computer system. What you need to do is to execute Microsoft Outlook support diagnostic tool and anti-malware programs so as to check if the computer system does have malware effect. Call +1-800-961-1963 for email application for Microsoft Outlook customer service to get help and support to fight back and stop these spam emails entering into Outlook inbox.

Outlook PST has damaged:

A corrupted .pst file may stop you from accessing other data and information within the Outlook email application. It sounds critical especially for those who have to do a lot with their business communication.

Solution: Microsoft’s default ScanPST.exe stands to much helpful in such conditions. Simply run the file, it will repair all the damaged files quickly. If it fails to work properly, you have to go for advanced overhaul – dial Microsoft outlook online support phone number and select a certified technician to resolve the issue right away.

To conclude the troubleshooting guide:

With the suggested points mentioned above, it is quite easy and simple to keep your Outlook email application flawless and smooth for always. Since the application plays a great role in your business communication with its business-oriented features and tools, it’s of high importance for you to ensure a bug-free and flawless communication between your business contacts.

For a better and more productive communication channel, you would better update your existing Outlook to the latest edition. Microsoft Outlook 2013 works better in association with Office 365 and its cloud service.

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